Our Services

Our Services

With an ability to combine talents and deliver success, Phoenix Offshore & Maritime Services (POMS) covers all aspects of marine services including:

  • Crew change
  • Dry-dock and Repair Services
  • Husbandry
  • Offshore Support
  • Port Operations
  • Cargo Services
  • Ship agent
  • Ship supply
  • Spare Parts and Logistics
  • Stevedoring

Local expertise and service to crew and ship owners

Services with nominal price in the market with uncompromised quality of services

We can assure of our personal touch as we highly value the quality of our services. We are looking to build an everlasting partnership that will enable our customers to be on top of their game.

Port Agency Services include

  • Port Entry/Exit Formalities
  • Supervising the loading and unloading of cargo
  • Looking after your ship and its crew.
  • Help source spare parts and supplies,
  • Assistance in arranging for dry-docking and repairs as required.

Crew Management

Crew sign-on – sign off services

The crew sign-on – sign off services are offered at Ports in India. The formalities for these activities will be dealing with Health, Immigration, and customs departments, which are expeditiously done by our team.

The locations have star class hotels to accommodate your crew to connect either with their respective vessel or outbound flights. Crew manning

To the ship owners and vessel managers interested in hiring seafarers, we offer our professional services of recruitment and human resource management. The scope of our services include:

  • Verification of all documents according to the requirements of STCW’95,
  • Verification of candidate’s knowledge with the help of computer software (Marlins English Language Test and Seagull CES Competency Test),
  • Reference check and verification of the candidate’s work history,
  • Visa arrangements,
  • Flag state documents arrangements,
  • Flag health certificates arrangements,
  • Drug & alcohol checks,
  • Police clearance / criminal record checks,
  • Crew planning,
  • Economical travel arrangements (plane, ferry, bus, minibus),
  • Financial arrangements, payroll, insurance,
  • Seafarers training,
  • Working gear.

Recruitment Process

  • Request for seafarer (new / replacement),
  • Identify duties and responsibilities of the candidate,
  • Contract information (rate, start date, period of work),
  • Sourcing (database, job board on webpage, social media, local media),
  • Screening,
  • Evaluation (interview and assessment),
  • Verification (documents, background and reference check),
  • Selection and presentation candidates to employer,
  • Assistance in hiring (signing contract of employment, travel, flag state documents arrangements).

Maintenance and repairs

As ship repairers, we provide round the clock service through certified and qualified technicians & Engineers in all major ports. We are linked to workshops for Engine overhauls, motor rewinding, machining and fabrication works, etc.

We can also arrange for inspection and maintenance services for Lifeboats, Cargo gears, SCBA, EEBD, Fire Extinguishers, Co2 system, Immersion suits, and related LSA/FFA services.

In addition, we supply ship stores, provision, etc.



Our range of operations covers various kinds of cargoes which include dry bulk, timber logs, food grains, and containers.

Besides being well equipped with modern handling equipment and sufficient trained personnel we are capable enough to handle both simple and complex operations in a swift and efficient manner

We also have a panel of approved survey companies to render tally and supervision services.


Ship chartering and brokerage

We understand that Chartering and Brokering are vital elements in the ship’s agency business. we have developed a complete line of efficient and reliable partners that include exclusive and non-exclusive brokers.

With our combined expertise, we complement the inherent strength of the business we are in. Being a marketing report for the region, post fixture handling, or a voyage analysis… all of it is handled with extreme efficiency, ensuring all time deadlines are kept intact.

Ship agency

Activities of the company Phoenix Offshore & Maritime Pvt Ltd are not limited only to rendering the agency services in the ports, where it has own offices. We offer our customers Hub agency services in ports across the country.

This unique concept streamlines and simplifies multiple port-call operations whilst ensuring that our customers’ needs are always met. Phoenix has good network of offices and combined with our competence and experience, this puts us in a unique position to change the way we handle our customers’ multiple port calls.

With us you get:

Improved communication flow with a General Agent, coordinating all your port calls around the country Consistent high-quality services with your operational always catered for in any of the ports in India.

Improved cost control through clear deliverables at a predictable price

Easy access to job information with operational details and electronic disbursement accounts

Safe and efficient cash transactions with one bank account for all port calls

If you are a company with a number of vessels operating in multiple ports in different parts of India, the savings in cost and efficiency are significant. You will save time on planning, communicating, processing paperwork, and following up on work done, as this will be done through a single point of contact. You will experience a consistent quality level in port by having someone understanding your business coordinating all your calls in India. You will be better able to budget and allocate costs, on the basis of a predictable pricing structure.

If you would like to re-define the way you handle your port calls, please contact us

Tugs and barges

  • Tug Boat.
  • Fresh Water Supply Barge.
  • Cargo Barge.
  • Bunker Supply Barge.


Inspection and survey

The services offered under this include Fire, Marine (Hull & Cargo), Engineering, Containers, Oil and, other related Surveys.

Pre-Purchase inspection

  • Pre-shipment inspection of engineering & manufactured goods, agro products, mineral & ores including volume, weight and quality as per specifications including supervision of carting, loading and securing.
  • Cargo outturn – Supervision of discharge and delivery of cargo including Claim Control Services.
  • Marine Casualties and Cargo damages/losses – General Average.
  • On/Off Hire Survey, Draft Surveys, Break-bulk, Stowage & Securing of Cargo.
  • Supervision of Loading/Discharge of Project Cargoes.